About Us



Control Maven. The Online Controls Company.

A different controls company for a changing market place.  After much thought, we felt that there was a need for a site such as this.  A place where simple control systems could be purchased for a reasonable cost.

BACnet, Modbus And Others Are To Be Found Here.

You will find many different system protocols represented here.  Why?  Because we don't believe the market we seek to serve is really concerned about the protocol of the system.  We are providing systems for packaged units that will be served well by any of the products that we offer here.  We will provide you controls that will be cost effective and will get the job done efficiently.  We will give you choices.  We have found that our market wants reliability, low maintenance, ease of operation and controls that don't cost a fortune now or in the future.  We have attempted to make the products as "open" and "non-single source" as we could. 

Who Do We Sell To?

We sell product to selected controls contractors, HVAC contractors who have the personnel qualified to install the systems and to end users with the staff and expertise capable of doing their own systems in house.

Although we try to make the systems as simple and as easy to install as possible, the purchaser must have some minimum qualifications before we will sell many of the products.  For this reason we require that each potential buyer be registered.  Each product is categorized by level of expertise that we have determined to be the minimum qualifications one should have to attempt installation of the product.  Under qualifications, we have attempted to describe these different levels. 

What Do We Provide?

We will provide equipment that has been configured, programmed and commissioned and is ready to install.  We will provide detailed drawings and installation instructions.  When online access is provided, we will assist with troubleshooting and provide startup assistance by remote connection and through telephone support.  We will also provide on site supervision, technical support and training at an additional cost.