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A different controls company for a changing market place.  After 40 years in the business, we felt that there was a need for a site such as this:   a place where simple control systems could be purchased for a reasonable cost.  

We offer small pre-configured systems, controllers and products that can be integrated into other systems and offer the products necessary to build your own system from scratch.

We are excited about the products of HRW Limited.  We are the U.S. distributor for this product line and feel that it is one of the most promising products that we have worked with in a long time.  The controllers are priced well, programmed using only Microsoft Excel and can be utilized stand-alone, as an addition to an existing system or as a very powerful,  non-proprietary and cost-effective system.  Utilizing the MangoES or CatNet, you can build a very complete BACnet system at minimal cost.  HRW also offers controllers, gateways and HMIs utilizing Modbus, P1 FLN and MBus protocols.

We offer complete control solutions with KMC BACnet.  Utilizing KMC, HRW, Vector, Circon, Mango and Vykon, we can provide solutions to meet nearly any requirement. By utilizing N4 from Tridium, we can provide BACnet, Modbus, LON and numerous other integration solutions.

We will help you estimate your projects.  We can do your submittals and drawings for jobs that require these items.  We can offer you turnkey solutions.  We can ship a complete package to your door..........front-end, controllers, sensors, custom panels, field devices, valves, dampers, programming, graphics and cable. You install the system and then connect to the web.....and we will help with the commissioning. We can just sell you products, but we can do so much more.

We are just getting started and hope to become a source of solutions for your control needs and problems. As we grow our offerings will increase, but if you have a need that isn't listed in our current offerings.....just give us a call.....we can probably provide for it.

Please register today.  We do not sell to unregistered parties.  Upon review of your registration, one of the staff at CM will determine your customer level and you will be notified that your registration is complete.

We hope you will enjoy your relationship with us.  We certainly look forward to it.