HRW HPC0662BN Universal Controller, BACnet MS/TP

12 point, eight control loop, peer-to-peer BACnet MS/TP DDC controller with high flexibility.
Manufacturer: HRW Limited




Universal Controller
- User programmable
- 1 or more FCU, AHU or universal use
- 6UI, 4DO, 2UO
- 8 PI control loops
- 16 Virtual inputs
- 16 Logic blocks with predefined HVAC functions
- 8 Network Interface objects


HPC0662BN Universal Controller, BACnet
FW4.01 from June 2011
12 point, eight control loop, peer-to-peer DDC controller with high flexibility for user configuration to suit
a wide variety of HVAC or universal applications in BACnet networks or standalone.
Versatile I/O, selection of multiple control loops, digital function blocks and analogue function blocks
allow easy configuration for control of FCU and AHU with multiple control loops, signal processing or
conversion and – when networked – remote I/O expansion.
Predefined logic function blocks enable easy configuration of a variety of functions including Economy
Changeover (temperature or enthalpy), VAV Volume, Hours Run monitoring, Lead/Lag changeover and
instantaneous Power calculation (kW, BTU).
Typical Applications
 Temperature, humidity, pressure, IAQ, etc
 Modulating, 3-point floating, on/off, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), step control, DX
 Signal selection, signal conversion
 Pulse counting
Feature Summary
 4 Digital Outputs (DO) with power-up presetting & short-cycle timers
 6 Universal Inputs (UI - user configurable analogue [AI] or digital [DI n/o or n/c], flip/flop, pulsecounting
up to 10Hz)
 2 Universal Outputs (UO – jumper select DO or AO) with power up presetting
 8 Virtual Digital Inputs’s (VDI)
 8 Virtual UI’s (VUI)
 8 Digital Logic blocks (DL)
 8 Analogue Logic blocks (AL)
 8 PI Control Loop blocks (CL)
 UI’s user scalable and units user settable (C, F, rH, %, Pa, kPa, PPM, etc.)
 Connected sensors may be calibrated and filtered by way of the UI configuration
 Communication speeds from 2400 baud up to 76800 baud
 LED indication of the On/Off status of DI and DO points for fast visual status verification
 Dynamic LED indication of AO status
 Automatic communication resumption after a power loss
 PC configuration by text file download using FUNCPROG or by direct parameter settings entry
Products specifications
Universal Inputs 6
Digital Outputs 4
Universal Outputs 2
Protocol(s) BACnet MS/TP