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HRW HPD0460BNCT Network HMI / Universal Ctrl / Scheduler, 10 Point, 24Vac

Universal Ctrl / Scheduler, 10 Point, 24Vac



V4.01 from June 2011

Universal Controller/Scheduler/Local User Interface(HMI)

Common features:
- User programmable
- 32 line interactive LCD
- Room temperature sensor integrated
- 3UI, 6DO (On/Off, staged, 3-point pairs, PWM)
- 16 Virtual Inputs
- 48 Network Interface objects
- 4 programmable push buttons
- 4 programmable LED's
- Programmable Audible sounder

Version Specific Features:
- 8 PI control loops
- 16 Logic blocks with predefined HVAC functions
- 365 day clock/calendar c/w 20 user holidays
- 4 time-switch channels




HPD0460BN Multi-Function Room Units, BACnet MS/TP
FW4.01 from June 2011
The HPD0460BN devices may be used as BACnet networked HVAC devices or standalone; as an HMI
for control and display of multiple controllers on a local network, as a controller with high flexibility for
user configuration to suit a wide variety of control applications or as a network manager including multizone
annual time scheduling. The display is programmable to indicate user specific text and dynamic
data points. Data points may be adjusted directly at the LCD (parameters such as set-points, fanspeeds
and manual overrides). The text and dynamic values for each of the 32 user lines may be set as
small font size or large font size.
The user push-buttons, indication LED’s and an audible sounder may be independently programmed to
suit the user application. Physical I/O points may be used in the system independently or, subject to the
version, by the internal control loops and logic blocks.
Depending on the version, predefined logic function blocks enable easy configuration of a variety of
functions including Economy Changeover (temperature or enthalpy), VAV Volume, Hours Run
monitoring, Lead/Lag changeover and instantaneous Power calculation (kW, BTU).
The time clock version features a 365 day clock/calendar with four channel time-switch, 20 holidays
(one-off or annually recurring) and summer/winter time.
Common Features
 32 line user programmable dot matrix LCD display with pop-up alarm text feature
 1 Room temperature sensor on-board
 1 Input programmable as DI or 10k NTC
 2 Universal inputs (DI, 10k NTC, 100k NTC, 0-10Vdc or 4…20mA)
 6 Digital outputs (ON/OFF, single or multi stage, 3-point floating, PWM)
 4 User programmable operator buttons
 4 User programmable indication LED’s
 1 User programmable audible alert beeper
 48 Network Interface Objects (NIO’s) for Peer-to-Peer communication
 8 Virtual Digital Inputs (VDI)
 8 Virtual Universal Inputs (VUI)
Typical Applications
 Temperature, humidity, pressure, IAQ, universal
 On/off, 3-point modulating, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), step control, DX
 Residential, Commercial, Hotels
 Local User Interface, network interface, networked or standalone controller
 Time-clock & calendar / time-switch, networked or standalone
HPD0460BN Network HMI, 10 Point, 24Vac
HPD0460BNC Network HMI / Universal Controller, 10 Point, 24Vac
HPD0460BNCT Network HMI / Universal Ctrl / Scheduler, 10 Point, 24Vac
HPD0460BNT Network HMI / Scheduler, 10 Point, 24Vac