MangoES (Embedded Server) Browser Based Graphical Interface for DDC Control Systems/Building Automation

All-in-one Data Acquisition, Logging, & Visualization - The MangoES is a powerful embedded Data Acquisition system ready for industrial deployment. It comes pre-installed with the full Mango Automation Software platform and is ready to perform a number of tasks.
Manufacturer: Infinite Automation
Delivery date: 1 week


The MangoES is a compact & powerful ARM
based Linux server with the full Mango Enterprise
application pre-installed. There are no additional
licenses or software needed to operate. For
applications with less than 3000 data points the
MangoES replaces expensive and power hungry
servers with a ready to use appliance.


Processor (2) ARM Quad Core 2.0GHz &1.5GHz
RAM 2 Gigabytes
Operating System Linux Debian with root access
Disk Type High Speed eMMC Flash
Disk Size /Historical Samples
- 8 GB = up to 200 million
- 16 GB = up to 600 million
- 32 GB = up to 1.4 billion
- 64 GB = up to 3 billion
Power Input 12-24 VDC
Power Usage 2-5 Watts
Mount Built-in Din-rail Clip
Dimensions H 2” X W 4” X D 5”
IO - (2) USB 2.0
     - Built In RS-485 port with RX/TX Lights
     - Full size HDMI


• Modbus IP
• Modbus Serial
• BACnet IP
• BACnet MS/TP
• ASCII File
• Serial
• MBus
• DNP3
• POP3
• Data Files (XML,
• Temperature
• Allen Bradly (extra
• Mango Cloud Sync
• Haystack

 Remote Site Monitoring & IIoT

The MangoES combined with a Mango Automation
cloud server offers a great option for remote system
monitoring or control. Each MangoES seamlessly
syncs its real time and historical data to the central
server while the central Mango monitors each
remote MangoES to ensure top performance. This
allows a variety of topologies to be used.


Building Automation
Data Center Automation
Industrial Internet ofThings


Built In Protocols
With BACnet, Modbus, MQTT, SNMP, DNP3, SQL,
CSV Files, HTTP, and others there is no need to pay
for extra drivers or software tools.

High Performance Time Series Historian
Mango is capable of storing billions of historical
values with ground breaking throughput while
utilizing surprisingly small amounts of disk space.

Built In Analytics
Mango provides several standard web interfaces
for users to perform quick and efficient analytics of

Report and Billing
Create fully customized reports & bills using
Excel documents. Users can manually run
reports anytime, or reports can be scheduled and
automatically delivered to users’ email inboxes.

Automation & Alarming
Mango includes several powerful scripting
environments that allow users to write control
algorithms or simple calculations. Users can
configure multiple types of alarms to trigger event
handling or notifications.

Advanced Schedules With Exception Calendar
Flexible scheduler for Mango that allows weekly
schedules to raise events and return them to
normal. Exception rules are layered on a schedule
to override lower layers and the default schedule.
Layers can be times within date ranges or specific

System Scalability
From a simple standalone application to a global
data acquisition system with thousands of remote
nodes, the same Mango software scales for all
types needs.

Leading Edge Data Visualization
Utilizing leading open source web development
technologies, Mango provides a flexible
development platform for mobile-friendly dynamic
dashboards, web/mobile apps and kiosks.

Powerful IIoT & Remote Site Monitoring
With automatic data replication, self healing history
synchronizations and real time updates you can
configure your global data acquisition / IIoT system
to suit any need.

MangoES Data Sheet